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Regulate traffic, stop unauthorised entry and increase security

Turnstiles and Speed Lanes are an effective physical security measure to safely control pedestrian traffic flow coming into a commercial or business premises. 


These measures can not only reduce overcrowding but also prevent unauthorised individuals entering the premises and can be used for crowd control, access control and for security.


​We work alongside quality brands including Gunnebo, Boon Edam, Automatic Systems and provide services including initial consultation and design, supply, installation and maintenance. Maintenance, Monitoring, Partnering, New Installations, Operations and Refurbishments in the UK


We provides turnkey solutions for various industries with the most innovative technology. We specialise in creating bespoke turnstiles tailored to each client's requirements, with the best service engineers working to provide you flexibility in product options.


Our turnstile can assist you in selecting quality speed gate-style turnstiles for your facility depending on various variables, such as level of security, traffic volume, and location. We provide a range of turnstiles from full height to optical to waist-high turnstiles.

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Turnstiles and speed lanes are an effective way to manage access to your business premises and ensure access to authorised individuals only.

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Manage crowds and areas of high footfall without delaying visitors through fast and dynamic access to your business or commercial premises.

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Integrate with the building access system to ensure only authorised individuals can access the premises and track who is onsite and how long for.


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What are the advantages of turnstiles?

Security: turnstiles help control access to a restricted area and prevent unauthorised entry. Crowd control: turnstiles regulate the flow of people and prevent overcrowding. Efficient operation: turnstiles are designed to quickly and efficiently process many people.

Can you link up smartphones to turnstiles?

Yes! We can link up smartphones to the access control system and speed lanes to create smooth, efficient access.

What type of access control can be used with turnstiles?

Ticket-based: Entry is permitted only with a valid ticket or pass. Token-based: To use the turnstile, one must input a token, such as a coin or a smart card. Biometric-based: Access is restricted using a person's distinctive biometric information, such as fingerprints or face recognition. Keycard-based: Access is granted only upon presentation of a keycard.

Are speed gates accurate?

Speed gates are generally very accurate. They use advanced technology, such as biometric authentication and RFID, to verify the identity of individuals and grant them access to restricted areas.

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