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Fore Security Solutions excelled in designing and implementing a cutting-edge access control system across all buildings at the prestigious Chiswick Park Estate. The backbone of this system is the revolutionary mobile credential technology, which allows authorised personnel to conveniently access designated areas using their mobile devices, eliminating the need for traditional access cards whilst still providing full support for legacy credentials. This forward-thinking solution not only bolsters security measures but also provides a seamless and modern experience for visitors.


In addition to the access control system, Fore Security Solutions integrated a QR code visitor management system for the speedlanes. This system seamlessly interacts with the overall access control infrastructure, streamlining the process of managing visitor access. With individualised QR codes, visitors can quickly be granted access by scanning their codes at the speedlanes, enhancing security and significantly improving the overall visitor experience. By seamlessly integrating this visitor management system, Fore Security Solutions continues to demonstrate their innovative approach and commitment to ensuring the highest level of security and convenience at the Chiswick Park Estate.


Fore Security Solutions earned an award from the Access Control manufacturer ‘Gallagher” for excellence in design, delivery and support of this project.

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