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Intercom communications for building, car park and control room access

Intercom solutions monitor and grant access to authorised visitors as well as allowing for the quick and smooth entry of personnel in and out of the workplace, commercial premises or secure areas of a building.


​Working with trusted brands including Commend and BPT we can install a range of different types of simple to use intercom systems, including single call point to an enterprise-wide IP-based solution using existing or new network infrastructures.


Intercom systems are becoming increasingly popular in commercial offices in the UK due to their ease of use and versatility. They provide a most innovative yet helpful method to enhance security and ease for people needing to enter / exit a building. 


There are many kinds of intercom systems UK available, and while some are just audio-based, others also have live video, letting you see and verify who is at the door. CCTV footage may be used with various video intercom systems to detect criminals or prospective criminals approaching your commercial properties at odd hours because it comes with a Built-in night vision camera.

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An effective intercom system will help you to secure and protect your business premises and staff by only allow access to authorised individuals.

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We'll ensure that the intercom solution provided is fit for purpose and is easy to use for all to ensure quick and effective access without inconvenience.

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An intercom system will ensure a safer work environment for all staff members by ensuring only authorised people are on the premises.


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Which is the best intercom system?

The unique demands and specifications of the enterprise determine the ideal intercom system. When selecting an intercom system, it's crucial to consider aspects like compatibility with current technology, scalability, interaction with other systems, sound quality, ease of use, dependability, maintenance and support, and cost. Before selecting a choice, it is essential to get advice from an expert or study several choices.

Does the intercom work without the internet?

Some intercom systems, such as conventional wired intercoms, is not dependent upon the internet. However, many contemporary intercom systems, such as wireless and SIP intercoms, need an internet connection to operate and offer extra functions like remote communication and system integration. When selecting an intercom system, it's crucial to consider the company's particular demands and specifications, including whether or not internet access is required.

Can I connect my intercom to my phone?

Yes, you may use your smartphone or tablet as an intercom by connecting some intercoms to it through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Is the intercom wired or wireless?

Intercoms come in a variety of forms. Users may generally divide them into two basic categories: wired and wireless. In wired systems, the outdoor unit is permanently connected to the building internet. The gadgets are wirelessly linked to wireless systems.

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