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Monitoring and Intruder Alerts Providing 24/7 Protection Against Break-Ins

Intruder Alarms are an effective way to deter and prevent potential break-ins to avoid the
cost and hassle of losses and potential business interruption.

Working with partners including Texecom, Honeywell Galaxy, and Scantronic, we'll provide the best commercial intruder alarm systems and 24/7 monitoring solutions based on your needs,  tailored to meet your specific requirements.   Plus, we can advise on the best solution to help you meet any
legal or insurance-based obligations and help keep your insurance premiums to a minimum.


We offer a complete service from the initial site survey, scoping the requirements, designing
the solution, full installation and ongoing monitoring and maintenance.


We provide market-leading commercial intruder alarm system installation for various organisations,  including offices, commercial, industrial, retail, and construction sites. Our systems are produced by well-known names in the security sector and may be customised to meet your unique needs.

This type of security system is made to identify intruders and notify people of their presence in a structure or other location. These systems often include sensors installed in critical points, including doors and windows and are linked to an alarm system that activates in the event of an incursion.   Some systems also have monitoring features, enabling them to link to a central monitoring station or alert the police in the event of an entry.


We handle every part of intruder alarm installation UK, from making system suggestions to integrating them into current security systems and providing continuous maintenance.

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Whatever the size of your business premises, we can provide an office security alarm systems solution that will suit your requirements and give you peace of mind.

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Installing a clear and visible commercial intruder alarm system will protect your business by providing an obvious deterrent to prevent criminal activity on your premises.

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A visible commercial intruder alarms and monitoring system also gives staff who work on the business premises an additional level of security and peace of mind.


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Are all intruder alarm system the same?

No, there are 3 main types, and we can help you identify which is best for you. Hardwired, wireless, and hybrid alarm systems are the three primary categories. Wireless systems employ radio frequencies to link the devices, while hybrid systems use a combination of the two. Hardwired systems use cables to connect the sensors and devices to the control panel.

How does an intruder alarm system operate?

This type of system will continually looking for indicators of entry using a variety of sensors and devices, including door and window contacts, motion detectors, and glass break detectors. The control panel transmits a signal to the alarm or siren when an incursion is detected, which sounds to inform the building's residents and scare off the invader.

Do you provide a wireless burglar alarm system?

Yes, we provide wireless intruder alarm systems. We will however discuss all systems with you to ensure you select the one most suitable for your circumstances

Will the authorities / police automatically be contacted if the alarm sounds?

No, this is system something that we will discuss with you to see what is required. The monitoring centre and/or the authorities may also be informed, depending on the system, and they will respond to the incursion.

What is the British standard for intruder alarms?

BS EN50131 - All installed alarm systems must adhere to a set of fundamental requirements to be approved by insurance providers and warrant a police response. These specifications are included in the EN50131 series, which is available in the UK under the name BS EN50131.

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