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Design, Installation and Service of High-End Video Surveillance Systems

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Video surveillance and CCTV for commercial and business premises is highly effective for keeping your premises secure in deterring burglary, vandalism, trespassing and general crimes.

Your premises can be monitored 24/7, either on site or remotely, and should the worst happen you can ensure that any crime or security breach is captured to help with police investigations and insurance claims. 

We work alongside well known and trusted brands including Avigilon, Axis and Hikvision to ensure high quality installations.

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security & protection

Whatever your size of your business premises we can provide a surveillance and monitoring solutions that will suit your requirements and provide peace of mind.

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Installing a clear and visible CCTV system will protect your business by providing an obvious deterrent to prevent criminal activity on your premises.

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A visible and effective surveillance solution also gives staff who work on the business premises an additional level of security and peace of mind. 

Commercial CCTV System Installation in UK - Image by Joe Gadd
security CCTV installation
CCTV camera installed on the Wall in UK - Image by Miłosz Klinowski


Remotely watch from anywhere in the globe on various devices. We exclusively employ cutting-edge digital technologies for the best business security possible.


Since we are a reputable company, we can provide trustworthy and devoted CCTV installation services regardless of whether you need a small, standalone security system or a large, fully integrated CCTV Installation Company. With the most excellent method for CCTV monitoring your assets from any location, we're here to soothe your concerns and improve business security.

With our extensive video surveillance and CCTV systems, you can defend your business against theft, vandalism, and intruders.

We are one of the top security installation businesses' full-service security suppliers with a wealth of experience and highly qualified engineers. We will provide each customer with a personalised solution to meet their stringent security needs. We guarantee that we will be available whenever you need us by providing on-site and remote assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are the top-notch IP CCTV Installation Uk.

Who are we, and What do we do?

Fore Secure Security has developed a speciality in developing and installing CCTV surveillance systems to meet the needs of our expanding clientele in the UK. From the first site inspection, design, instal, and maintenance of your CCTV monitoring system, we handle everything for your peace of mind. You may be sure you are getting the finest protection possible since Fore Security Solutions only instals the newest, highest-quality technology. We carefully create unique solutions within the client's budget that satisfy the necessary specifications.


Our digital CCTV systems provide apparent photos with good user-friendly mobile apps so you can monitor your house, company, or both from anywhere globally.


With years of expertise and a high level of professionalism, our engineers are highly qualified. To fulfil your security or health and safety demands and guarantee that you are getting the most out of every dollar invested, our staff will work relentlessly with you and/or your organisation.

Installation of CCTV Cameras

Your house and business undoubtedly require the most vigilant and advanced security systems to identify and prevent mishaps.


Money, goods, paperwork, and vital documents are just a few of the precious assets in each location. If they get into the right hands, these items might be used.


The security and surveillance capabilities of homes and businesses have become highly significant as people search for a practical and affordable approach to employ technology to avoid undesirable events, notably theft.

Needs For Security And Protection

Every object kept on-site at offices and corporate headquarters, including documents, intellectual property, hardware systems and components, and other valuable goods, must be protected.


Installing CCTV cameras nearby is one method that is ideal for CCTV monitoring services in the business area and is quite helpful for home security requirements.


Fore Security Solutions, one of the CCTV installations UK, will not only assist with the technical requirements of connecting the gear, but they may also give it if consumers opt to refrain from utilising their purchases as components. Companies provide a variety of hardware configurations and functionalities, so you must be sure of your exact requirements to avoid choosing a more expensive and difficult-to-maintain option.

FSS is the video surveillance installation company in UK

Assisting You to Boost Your Business Activities with Video Surveillance

Choosing the best video surveillance system for your business may be challenging if you need to narrow down your requirements and choices. The experts at Fore Secure can set up, manage, and keep an eye on the perfect video system for your requirements, whether an IP or a cloud-based storage system. Our commercial security camera installation makes your business more secure than ever, and you also have a watch on your mobile devices.


A comprehensive security plan must include a video surveillance system as a crucial element. An efficient video surveillance installation company may act as a crime deterrent and give you valuable information about your organisation, whether you are in charge of one site or hundreds.

Effective Video Surveillance Solutions

  • Systems & Solutions for Video Surveillance

  • Analogue, Digital, and Hybrid Solutions for Video Security Cameras

  • Options for Storing Videos locally, on a Network and Cloud

  • Interactive Video Surveillance

  • Visual Alert Confirmation

  • Real-time video via a Mobile Application

  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics Features for Videos

  • Integration with Access Control, Intrusion Detection, and other systems

Our expert CCTV installers will guarantee that:

  • Your CCTV system, cameras, recording and CCTV monitoring tools, and software are all appropriate for your needs. Professional CCTV installers will only install a system they know will meet your demands.


  • Depending on your preferences, cameras can be either blatant or covert. While most people like their CCTV cameras to be highly apparent, others prefer them to be covert and difficult to see. This is because the mere sight of CCTV cameras would deter most thieves and other prospective invaders.


  • Cameras are safely situated and pointed at the proper places at the suitable objects. It is crucial that your cameras capture all you require and that there are no blind patches or poor reflections.


  • The most excellent CCTV installation money can buy provided while your budget is observed. Regardless of how much you spend on your CCTV system and what kind you went with, professional CCTV installers will provide you with the highest quality service.


  • You have the knowledge and abilities to use your viewing and storage choices efficiently and to their fullest extent, and they are both set up appropriately. Even the most incredible CCTV system installation will be helpful if you can use it.

5 Reasons to Select Fore Security Solutions CCTV Installation UK.jpg

5 Reasons to Select Fore Security Solutions CCTV Installation UK


  • Industry professionals to fully comprehend your situation and recommend the best option that meets your demands and your budget.


  • Our business practices adhere to the principle of doing all possible to ensure the success of your system, from planning to installation.


  • We can establish and uphold very high standards thanks to the UK's most coveted staff of highly qualified engineers with industry knowledge.


  • Our solutions are more robust, user-friendly, and durable since we don't compromise on quality, which makes them endure for a lifetime.


  • An entirely "customer-centred" approach where the client's demands and preferences come first and everything else comes second.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's

What is a video surveillance system?

To assist companies in identifying and responding to security occurrences, video surveillance systems utilise video feeds from cameras. Modern systems comprise various hardware and software elements, including video cameras, a video management system, storage units (such as network video recorders or cloud storage), analytics, and even mobile applications for viewing films and managing events.


With so many alternatives available, selecting the best solution for your business depends on precisely outlining your requirements and collaborating with an experienced partner familiar with all available video surveillance systems.


Is installing CCTV worth it?

CCTV Installation Company UK may be a powerful deterrent to offenders, particularly in pre-planned crimes. This lowers the likelihood that burglars will target your house, keeping your possessions safe and enhancing the security of your family.


What analytical features are there in your cameras?

Our video surveillance systems employ cutting-edge analytics, depending on the cameras utilised, including:

  • motion monitoring

  • audio recognition

  • alerts for tampering

  • Colour identification of objects


Which security camera has the highest level of security?

Regarding physical security, some vandalism- and tamper-resistant cameras have physical deterrents like robust housings and no grip surfaces and analytics that can identify whether the camera has been moved, covered, or sprayed with paint.


Planning data security using video surveillance is best done in the context of the whole picture regarding data security. Digital (or IP) cameras support data encryption, but they must be safeguarded throughout the entire process from camera to user. That includes safeguarding data transfer from cameras to the storage system, the Video Management System, and the numerous user interfaces (workstations, mobile apps, etc.).


What is the main advantage of CCTV?

By monitoring, transmitting, and recording pictures, CCTV can assist in preventing personal and property crimes. Security cameras can record continuously to guarantee that you never miss a crucial moment. With a modern CCTV system, you can watch your company while travelling using a smartphone or tablet.


How CCTV installation helps commercial businesses?

A commercial CCTV installation for a surveillance system may protect your company from theft and other illegal behaviour. However, it can also increase employee productivity and effectiveness by ensuring they adhere to the organisation's safety guidelines and procedures.


Can CCTV function without wifi?

Yes, they can! CCTV cameras may be used without an internet connection; even better, they can function without electricity. Only while viewing the video remotely is an internet connection necessary.

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