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Repair, Maintenance and New Installations

Car park barriers help to ensure unauthorised individuals cannot enter your business or commercial premises, and you can control and limit the number of vehicles entering


They also regulate access to a parking lot on a business property. They can tighten security, limit entry to authorised cars only, and lessen the possibility of vehicle theft or damage.


Fore Security Solution's car park barrier systems are appropriate for small and medium-sized industrial locations. Our commercial gates preserve property protection while offering the convenience of autonomous operation.


Fore Secure Solutions offers a variety of gate barriers. We provide a variety of height restrictors, manual arm barriers, and automobile parking barriers to businesses, construction companies, local governments, educational institutions, and private consumers.

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Car park barriers help secure the perimeter of your premises and prevent unwanted vehicles or individuals entering to make your staff feel safer. 

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Identify and record vehicles coming on site and allow access through the use of monitoring, number plate recognition or keypass entry.

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Using automatic barriers, number plate recognition and access controls eliminates the need for additional security resource to man car parks.


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How does a car park barrier system function?

A barrier arm connected to a motor and control system often makes up a parking lot barrier system. The barrier arm may be raised or lowered by a user, such as a parking attendant or a patron with a purchased parking ticket, allowing a car to enter or depart the parking facility. Sensors may detect a vehicle in some systems, automatically raising or lowering the barrier arm.

What is an automated car park barrier system?

A barrier system that automatically raises or lowers the barrier arm in reaction to the presence of a vehicle is known as an automated car park barrier system. This kind of technology can increase the effectiveness and security of a parking facility by doing away with the necessity for manual operation.

How high are the car parking barriers?

Barriers can range in height from 8 to 10 feet, with some being as low as 2-3 feet. The size, weight, and speed of the vehicles that the barrier is meant to halt are considered while determining the height.

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