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Repair, Maintenance and New Installations. Car park barriers help to ensure unauthorised individuals cannot enter your business or commercial premises, and you can control and limit the number of vehicles entering. 

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Car park barriers help to ensure unauthorised individuals cannot enter your business or commercial premises and you can control and limit the number of vehicles entering.  Barriers are an effective way of securing your premises from unwanted visitors, whilst ensuring you always have parking spaces for staff and guests.

We can offer a wide range of car park barrier options so please get in touch to discuss your requirements and the best option for you.

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Car park barriers help secure the perimeter of your premises and prevent unwanted vehicles or individuals entering to make your staff feel safer. 

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Identify and record vehicles coming on site and allow access through the use of monitoring, number plate recognition or keypass entry.

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Using automatic barriers, number plate recognition and access controls eliminates the need for additional security resource to man car parks.


Car Park Barrier Systems- Automatic Car Barriers

A parking lot or garage's car park barriers are a network of gates or other obstacles that regulate entry. Usually, they are controlled by a remote control, a card reader, or a ticket machine.


Automated barriers are used in many parking garages and lots in the UK to regulate traffic flow and offer additional security. Customers must pay for parking before leaving some vehicle parks under the UK's payment system. Cash, a credit card, or a mobile app can all be used for this.

Car Park Barriers, Car Park Gates & Electric Car Park Barriers

Car Parking barrier systems from Fore Security Solutions are the only option if exterior security is a concern.

Fore Security Solution's car park barrier systems are appropriate for small and medium-sized industrial locations. Our commercial gates preserve property protection while offering the convenience of autonomous operation. For regulated physical access to parking, regions, and particularly protected zones, Fore Secure Solutions offers a variety of gate barriers.


We provide a variety of height restrictors, manual arm barriers, and automobile parking barriers to businesses, construction companies, local governments, educational institutions, and private consumers. Id Vision offers the best car park barrier installation in the UK

Need to modify your vehicle parking facilities?

Want to prevent someone from parking or turning around in your driveway? You may get just that from our trustworthy and cost-effective selection of parking posts, chain posts, metal posts, and driveway protection posts.


Our parking and security posts are appropriate for your home or business. Steel posts are incredibly dependable and serve as a helpful deterrent outside your home, place of business, or commercial property.


Place your order immediately to take care of your parking and security problems. Get these car park security barriers from trusted and well-known service providers in the UK. Try our computerised parking barrier in the UK for a more durable and long-lasting choice. We provide a great solution to help you avoid illegal parking spots. Security, parking, obstacles, posts, car parks, security posts, turnstiles, etc.


Fore Security Solutions is your ultimate choice for top-notch quality services at the most affordable rates.

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Pros of Using Automated Car Parking Barriers

Protection: Automated barriers give an extra degree of security to a parking lot or garage since they can only be opened with a legitimate method of entry, like a ticket, card, or remote control.


Traffic flow control: By using barriers to regulate traffic inside a parking lot, congestion may be decreased, and safety can be increased.


Efficiency: Automated barriers can assist in controlling how cars enter and exit parking lots, easing traffic and waiting times.


Revenue Generation: By allowing for paid parking and monitoring the number of cars entering and leaving the parking space, automatic barriers can aid in generating income.


Time-saving: With automated barriers, opening and shutting the barriers is done swiftly and efficiently, saving time for both the customer and parking attendants.


Convenience: By integrating automatic barriers with a mobile payment system, users may pay for parking more easily without visiting a cashier or using an actual card.


Accurate tracking: Automatic barriers can count the cars that enter and leave the parking lot and record that information, giving precise information for managing parking and income.


Cost-effective: Over time, automatic barriers save money since they need little upkeep and can eliminate the need for staff members to keep an eye on the parking lot.


Entry Control: In shared parking spaces like residential or commercial complexes, barriers can be used to restrict access to authorised vehicles, such as workers' or residents', which can be advantageous.

Barriers can be connected with other systems, such as CCTV and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), to improve access control.

Max Beam Length

The maximum beam length in the context of car parking barriers would depend on the particular barrier type and the loads it is designed to resist. For instance, a steel-beam barrier can have a different maximum beam length than a concrete-beam barrier. The maximum beam length would also depend on factors such as the size, weight, and speed of the vehicles that the barrier is designed to stop.


The maximum beam length for a parking barrier is typically determined by the barrier's load-bearing capability, the traffic flow and speed, and the safety standards. For example, the maximum beam length for a parking barrier would probably be less than a highway barrier because these barriers are typically built to resist hits from slow-moving cars.


It's important to remember that the maximum beam length will also be influenced by regional construction requirements, safety standards, and the barrier system's design.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's

How high are the car parking barriers?

Depending on the particular type of barrier and the parking facility it is utilised in, car park barriers' heights might change. Barriers can range in height from 8 to 10 feet, with some being as low as 2-3 feet. The size, weight, and speed of the vehicles that the barrier is meant to halt are considered while determining the height.


What are the barriers in parking lots called?

Parking lot, garage, or parking gate barriers are other names for car park barriers.


How does a car park barrier system function?

A barrier arm connected to a motor and control system often makes up a parking lot barrier system. The barrier arm may be raised or lowered by a user, such as a parking attendant or a patron with a purchased parking ticket, allowing a car to enter or depart the parking facility. Sensors may detect a vehicle in some systems, automatically raising or lowering the barrier arm.


What is an automated car park barrier system?

A barrier system that automatically raises or lowers the barrier arm in reaction to the presence of a vehicle is known as an automated car park barrier system. This kind of technology can increase the effectiveness and security of a parking facility by doing away with the necessity for manual operation.


What is a vehicle barrier?

A physical barrier known as a vehicle barrier is intended to stop or restrict the movement of vehicles. This can apply to barriers placed in parking lots as well as those placed on motorways and other roads to manage traffic or safeguard a particular region. Walls, gates, barriers, and bollards are examples of vehicle barriers. These obstacles are composed of various materials, including steel, concrete, and wood.

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