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Turnstile and speed lane solutions for building access and egress.

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Turnstiles and Speed Lanes are an effective physical security measure to safely control pedestrian traffic flow coming into a commercial or business premises. 


These measures can not only reduce overcrowding but also prevent unauthorised individuals entering the premises and can be used for crowd control, access control and for security.

We work alongside quality brands including Gunnebo, Boon Edam, Automatic Systems and provide services including initial consultation and design, supply, installation and maintenance.

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Turnstiles and speed lanes are an effective way to manage access to your business premises and ensure access to authorised individuals only.

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Manage crowds and areas of high footfall without delaying visitors through fast and dynamic access to your business or commercial premises.

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Integrate with the building access system to ensure only authorised individuals can access the premises and track who is onsite and how long for.

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Looking for Turnstile Security Solutions?

Go Nowhere, and find the best Turnstile solutions at Fore Security Solutions

We are undoubtedly the best service providers in the UK for the most cutting-edge turnstile installation.

Want to Know What a Turnstile is?

Safety comes first when you're in charge of a facility that receives a significant amount of pedestrian traffic, like a sports stadium or entertainment venue. Alternatively, if you're in charge of a facility with strong security, you should regulate who enters your property and who leaves strictly. Access control turnstiles solutions may give you the perfect answer in any situation.


A turnstile is a mechanical gate used to manage entrance to a limited area. Typically, it only allows one person to pass through at a time and blocks simultaneous entry and exit by other people. They are frequently employed at the gates of stadiums, amusement parks, public transportation networks, and other locations that need crowd management.

Want to Know What a Turnstile is?

Fore Security Solutions can supply several reliable products of turnstile types, including half- and full-height turnstiles, for employment in various commercial or industrial settings.


Over the years, Fore Security Solutions turnstiles have changed, and our most recent versions now feature our cutting-edge Anti Pass-back technology.


The three significant models are full-height single or dual rotor turnstiles, half-height tripod type, and security turnstiles. We provide a variety of colours for powder coating or stainless steel finishes on all of our turnstiles. Each turnstile can be customised with accessories such as a canopy, downlighting, and a fire alarm override, if necessary.


Our half and full-height turnstiles provide them and other businesses the ideal pedestrian access option, and you can find them in many of the UK's major airports and auto manufacturing factories.


Our pedestrian turnstiles are made to be completely dependable and user-friendly, guaranteeing that regulated pedestrian entry is effectively implemented.


Please select from the single-rotor, twin-rotor, or tripod turnstiles from our available turnstiles products range.


Single-Rotor Turnstiles

Our single rotor full height turnstiles are created with convenience and use in mind. For durability, available in stainless steel or mild steel.


Twin Rotor Turnstiles

Our full height twin rotor turnstiles, which permit quicker pedestrian access than the single-rotor turnstile, are perfect for situations where more outstanding crowd management is required.


Half-Height Tripod

Our half-height tripod turnstiles are strong, dependable, and simple to use, making them the perfect choice for fast-moving traffic in airports, business buildings, railway stations, and recreational facilities.

You Must Also Know About!

Speed Gate System

Speed gates Systems are security barriers used to regulate entrance to a restricted area. They are sometimes referred to as high-speed turnstiles. Usually, they are made up of revolving flaps or arms that only let one person pass at a time while obstructing the path for others. They are made to work swiftly and effectively so that many people may enter or leave an area quickly. They are frequently utilised in public spaces like airports, sports stadiums, and subway stations.


Speed Lane System

In high-traffic public areas like airports, sports arenas, and railway stations, Speed Lane is a mechanism created to expedite the flow of people through security checks or entrance points. It uses cutting-edge technology, such as biometric verification, to swiftly and precisely confirm people's identities and enable them entry to the restricted area. Reduced wait times, improved security, and an improved user experience are the main objectives of the Speed Lane system. For it to function, authorised personnel must be able to rapidly pass through the entry point without being stopped and subjected to human security checks.

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Unmatched Designs and Unbeatable Security are now Possible!

Our security turnstiles UK are British-designed and constructed and go through our rigorous design and approval procedure to ensure they satisfy the most recent quality requirements. We are seasoned turnstile builders with suitable options for all your customised Security speed gate turnstiles.


We ensure that every security turnstile we produce exhibits the utmost reliability, quality, and attention to detail with a wide range of products.


Our access control turnstiles are ideal for regulating the movement of authorised users while discouraging unauthorised entry for those who are not allowed on the property for further security and peace of mind in your commercial buildings and facilities.


Our turnstiles are created and developed with user-friendliness and convenience in mind without compromising safety. We provide the option to include your company's colours in mild or stainless steel for little to no additional cost.

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Comfort and Security Must Go Hand-in-Hand- What to Consider While choosing a perfect Turnstile!

Access Management

When installing security turnstiles at your location, access control is a crucial factor to consider. This includes factors like the volume of foot traffic and the entry size. Making sure you consider all the factors outlined below is crucial since all of our access control turnstiles are suited for various scenarios. Turnstile mechanisms, which can be mechanical or electronic, are often operated to do this. Common access control techniques include:


Ticket-based: Entry is permitted only with a valid ticket or pass.


Token-based: To use the turnstile, one must input a token, such as a coin or a smart card.


Biometric-based: Access is restricted using a person's distinctive biometric information, such as fingerprints or face recognition.


Keycard-based: Access is granted only upon presentation of a keycard.

The turnstile is typically combined with a security system, such as a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system, to add further protection layers.


The Entrance's Size:

How many access control turnstiles you require will depend on the entry size to your property. If the volume of foot traffic doesn't warrant numerous turnstiles, more posts can be placed to fill the gap. The larger the entry, the more turnstiles you will need.


Full-height turnstiles often work better at outdoor entries (such as those at football stadiums), whereas half-height or tripod turnstiles are better suited for inside crowd control (in train stations or airports, for example).


Foot Traffic:

When deciding the turnstile you require, remember that various turnstiles have varied throughput rates depending on how quickly customers enter the area. This is especially important during peak hours.


A quicker flow rate (or several turnstiles) may be needed if your facility has a high volume of visitors during peak hours. Most turnstiles offer a flow ratio of 10 persons per minute, which is acceptable for most entries.


Traffic Flow Direction:

It is crucial to consider the direction of traffic because our security turnstiles can rotate either way. Rotation in a single direction is sufficient if the turnstile is needed at a particular entry point.


An automatic system turnstile that spins in both directions is a better choice to prevent the creation of crowds if people enter and depart your property through the same access point.


Choosing the Right Finishing

Security turnstiles are available in various finishes, including galvanised or stainless steel, standard powder coating in various colours, and more.


The placement of your turnstile will considerably impact your finish since exterior turnstiles may be more susceptible to corrosion or damage if the wrong finish is used.


If your turnstile is inside, a decorative finish in your company colours can be more appropriate than a heavy-duty finish.


Cost-Benefit Analysis

Cost is an important consideration when choosing the correct turnstile since it impacts the organisation's or business's budget and financial strategy. Turnstiles can fluctuate in price significantly depending on aspects including material, size, technology, and brand.


It's crucial to consider the turnstile's price in proportion to its predicted longevity and intended use. Choosing the smart Lane turnstile that fits the budget while offering the needed degree of security requires striking a balance between cost, essential features, and dependability.

Why Fore Security Solutions Turnstile Security

Fore Security Solutions is a turnstile service provider that provides turnkey solutions for various industries with the most innovative technology. We specialise in creating bespoke turnstiles tailored to each client's requirements, with the best service engineers working to provide you flexibility in product options.


Our turnstile specialists can assist you in selecting quality speed gate-style turnstiles

 for your facility depending on various variables, such as level of security, traffic volume, and location. We provide a range of turnstiles from full height to optical to waist-high turnstiles.


Additionally, our turnstiles come with several alternatives, including alarm systems and turnstile gates. We can assist you in finding the ideal turnstile for any high-security venue, such as a stadium, distribution centre, governmental building, or other, with foolproof control over entrance products.

We Proudly Promise to Deliver the Best

We have demonstrated that we possess the competence and knowledge necessary to provide consistently, thanks to our considerable experience in access control and the production of entry solutions.


You can be sure that our team of experts will provide and instal the ideal solution whether you choose a turnstile or speed gate system to control your pedestrian movement.


First, our systems provide quick, safe, dependable access control for your facility's entry. Additionally, they are architecturally sound goods that improve appearance. They were created in this way to harmonise with the beauty of your building.


We adhere to our entry solution products' strict manufacturing and design standards. They are CE-rated to guarantee that they conform to European and global standards. Because of their superior quality and dependability, Fore Security Solutions Turnstiles are acknowledged as the best on the market.


In conclusion, our turnstile costs are affordable compared to similar items on the market.

Last but not least, we would be happy to provide you with a thorough proposal for any needs you may have. Hit us up to get customised and cost-effective Turnstile Installation for the perfect and reliable Security Turnstile Uk.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's

What are the advantages of turnstiles?

Security: turnstiles help control access to a restricted area and prevent unauthorised entry.

Crowd control: turnstiles regulate the flow of people and prevent overcrowding.

Efficient operation: turnstiles are designed to quickly and efficiently process many people.


Are speed gates accurate?

Speed gates are generally accurate. They use advanced technology, such as biometric authentication and RFID, to verify the identity of individuals and grant them access to restricted areas.


What is turnstile maintenance?

Turnstile maintenance refers to the regular inspection, cleaning, and repair of turnstiles to ensure they function correctly. This may include checking and replacing worn or damaged parts, ensuring the turnstile is appropriately aligned and cleaning the turnstile to prevent malfunctions.


What is a Flap Barrier?

A flap barrier is a type of turnstile that consists of a set of rotating flaps or arms that control access to a restricted area. They allow one person to pass through at a time while blocking the way for others.


What type of control is a turnstile?

Turnstiles can be controlled using various methods, including coin-operated mechanisms, card-based systems, biometric authentication, and manual operations. The choice of control method will depend on the specific needs and requirements of the location where the turnstile is installed.

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