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Intercom communications for building, car park and control room access

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Intercom solutions monitor and grant access to authorised visitors as well as allowing for the quick and smooth entry of personnel in and out of the workplace, commercial premises or secure areas of a building.

Working with trusted brands including Commend and BPT we can install a range of different types of simple to use intercom systems, including single call point to an enterprise-wide IP-based solution using existing or new network infrastructures.

We'll work with you to understand your specific requirements and recommend a solution to meet your needs and budget.

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security & protection

An effective intercom system will help you to secure and protect your business premises and staff by only allow access to authorised individuals.

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We'll ensure that the intercom solution provided is fit for purpose and is easy to use for all to ensure quick and effective access without inconvenience.

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An intercom system will ensure a safer work environment for all staff members by ensuring only authorised people are on the premises.

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No Knock, Just a Call Away!

Intercom systems are becoming increasingly popular in commercial offices in the UK due to their ease of use and versatility. They provide various benefits, such as enhanced security,  increased productivity, and improved communication. Intercom system Installation is a most innovative yet helpful method to enhance security and ease for people working in the office or those coming in! 


Businesses can quickly interact with staff members around the workplace and regulate entry to their premises thanks to intercom systems for the office. Intercom systems may also be combined with other technologies, like video conferencing, giving businesses a practical and affordable option. Intercom systems can also decrease the time it takes for emergency services to respond by enabling quick contact between staff and emergency services. It has Automatic visitor access features, which can help businesses regulate smoothly without the hassle of opening and closing doors or keeping an extra employee.


At Fore Security Solutions, we hate to be the spoilers, but if you select one of our superb intercom systems, knock, knock jokes will no longer apply to you. An intercom system quickly adds protection when you seek better ways to safeguard your commercial setup. These sophisticated solutions enable you to deal with intrusive guests, talkative couriers, or that unwelcome visitors you wish to avoid, whether or not you are physically in the building. It's the best system for building management for all building sizes and replaces a classic door entry system.


There are many kinds of intercom systems UK available, and while some are just audio-based, others also have live video, letting you see and verify who is at the door. CCTV footage may be used with various video intercom systems to detect criminals or prospective criminals approaching your commercial properties at odd hours because it comes with a Built-in night vision camera.

Wondering, What is an Intercom System?

An intercom system is a tool for two-way audio communication between people or groups. Usually, it comprises a central control unit coupled to several speakers and/or microphones in various spaces.


Intercom systems may be utilised in several situations, including homes, workplaces, schools, and hospitals. They can also be freestanding or linked into more extensive communication networks. They are utilised to speed up emergency response times, increase security, and enable easy and effective communication.


Intercoms may also be combined with other technologies like video conferencing and access control systems to offer a complete communication solution with a cloud-based intercom system to store information for a dependable security solution. They come with electronic locks and sometimes work without electricity in case of a power outage.


Some recent intercom systems expand the system without laying cables through walls by using battery-powered wireless modules. The master station is the main focus of an intercom system. It has the electrical components needed for voice conversations.

Intercom System for Business

Businesses in the UK can benefit from intercom systems for offices in the following ways:


Enhanced Security: Businesses may monitor and regulate entry to their premises via intercoms, ensuring that only authorised people are admitted. It is used for additional security purposes in commercial settings.


Efficiency Gain: Employee communication is rapid and straightforward thanks to intercoms, decreasing the need for in-person meetings and boosting productivity by using commonly long-range readers.


Improved Visitor Management: By using intercoms to filter visitors, only authorised staff will be admitted to the building.


Emergency Interaction: Intercoms offer a direct channel of contact in an emergency, speeding up reaction times and safeguarding the security of staff members and guests.


Integration with other technologies: Intercoms may be combined with video conferencing and other systems, offering organisations a practical and affordable alternative.

How does Intercom Systems Installation work?

In the UK Commercial intercom system generally function as follows:


Central control unit

The intercom system is managed, and audio is distributed among the many speakers and microphones by the central control unit, which is also in charge of doing so.


Microphones and speakers

Microphones and speakers are installed in many of the office's rooms and locations, enabling two-way communication between people.


Access control 

Intercom systems can be connected with access control systems to monitor and manage admission into the facility. The intercom system links to a specific speaker within the building when a visitor hits the call button at the entry, enabling the staff to interact with the visitor and authorise admission as needed. It can also be attached to a fingerprint reader for staff admissions.


Cloud-Based Intercom System

A video intercom that works and keeps data in the cloud is known as a cloud-based intercom. You save it all conveniently on the cloud rather than uploading data, i.e., all the details about all the visitors, straight into the intercom. You have access to a cloud-based platform (usually a website) through your multi-tenant intercom supplier, where you can modify property access rights, update your tenant directory, check entrance logs, and more.

Top Factors to Take into Account When Purchasing a Business Intercom

Many individuals mistakenly believe they only need a button to let someone in and an audio calling device. However, they wind up spending the entire day going to and from a buzzer to let people in. When investing in a new system, take into account the following elements and objectives:


Wired vs wireless intercom: This differentiates the communication's receiving end. Do you desire a system that is hooked to a desk-mounted receiver? Or even while you work from home or roam around the workplace, anything that calls your phone or computer?


Cost: With hardware and installation, most corporate intercom systems cost between $2400 and $5500. Are you seeking a basic doorbell chime, or do you have the funds to install these? The inexpensive doorbell chime will just play a single ring inside to alert you to the presence of someone outside. You must approach and unlock the door. It works well in tiny offices with a dedicated front desk employee.


Audio vs video intercom: These days, visual intercom systems are just as expensive or less expensive than classic audio intercoms. A telephone connection must be acquired and maintained monthly in addition to an audio intercom. Higher security can be achieved with video intercoms since you can see who is at the door before you open it.


Door Release: Do you require the door to be able to be remotely released? This intercom would function as a door buzzer system for your company, allowing you to open the door without approaching it physically.


Calls to your phone: Do you require the capacity to make phone calls over the phone or through an app? Office managers are extremely busy since they have to wear several different hats and are always on the go.


Support for computers and tablets: Making calls wirelessly is freeing. Additionally, it can be crucial to answering calls on a tablet or computer to support all individuals joined to the intercom's device possibilities.


Fallback Intercom Calling: It's convenient to rely on a second person to manage guests while you are running about or going for lunch. You may set up a fallback person using contemporary company intercoms if you are busy and need help managing the guest at the time.


Route to Numerous Persons: The intercom's ability to dial several individuals simultaneously is frequently a helpful feature. By doing this, you increase your chance of answering the calls and prevent leaving crucial visitors waiting outside the door.


Support for desk and cell phone numbers: Contemporary video intercom systems for businesses allow VOIP-based phone calls to a desk or cell phone. Even the phone numbers for Microsoft and Zoom. To unlock the door, hit the number 9. All employees will be able to select the gadget of their choice thanks to this feature. E.g. If a person wants to avoid making video calls using their cell phone data plan, this is helpful.


Data Protection: Are you protecting your data? Does the vendor have data security audits to demonstrate external verification of their data privacy and security standards, such as SOC2 certification?


Deliveries: Are you able to grant access to delivery personnel? For instance, can you create special PINs for your FedEx, UPS, and USPS drivers? Do temporary PINS get stored by the system?


Temporary PINS: It's possible that clients, interview candidates, cleaners, etc., may arrive during the day. Can you temporarily use the mobile app to utilise PIN codes with the system?


Shift (Schedule Based): Do you want to receive visitor intercom calls when you are at work? Shift (Schedule based) calling rather than waking up to calls at 2 AM? Using the system, can you set up schedule-based calling for workers and front desk personnel?


Staff Access Features: Can access be granted to and controlled by workers and contractors over the intercom? E.g. Through the same intercom device, modern intercoms offer touchless facial recognition access, mobile app-based access, and key card access. By doing this, you may operate access control for employees at a lower cost.


Remote management: Can you modify the intercom's settings or directory using a web browser? Or, to programme this, do you need to connect locally through a cable or local IP address?


Vandal and Weather Resistance: These intercoms are installed on the building's outside and are resistant to weather and vandalism. Does the system contain anti-vandalism measures? E.g. What is the system's IK vandal rating? The hardware is protected from vandals on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most effective.


A system compatible with the key card access system: Does the system support both key and critical card-based building entry?


Support for elevators, gates, etc.: Occasionally, you need to open doors in various locations. For instance, you could also need to unlock the elevator if a guest stands at the front entrance.

What Must you Know about Intercom Systems Installation?

When installing an intercom system for business, it's essential to consider aspects like compatibility with current technology, scalability for future needs, integration with other systems like access control, sound quality, user-friendliness of the interface, dependability, maintenance and support provided, and affordability.


A system with crisp, clear audio and an easy-to-use UI is what you should go for. Think about a reliable company with a track record of dependability, decent upkeep, and helpful customer service. Make sure the system can be scaled to suit expanding communication requirements and that it can be integrated with other systems.


The intercom system should be affordable while offering the required features and performance, and cost should be considered. Businesses can decide by considering the right intercom system for their communication needs.

Fore Security Solutions is your Best Shot!

Professional intercom systems may improve the access control of your smart home, business, or organisation. You may quickly interact with individuals on your property with an intercom system, which gives you confidence that the structure and surroundings are safe. We provide AV security systems for various demands and price ranges, whether you're searching for a classic alarm system or a wireless intercom system.


Make sure you pick the proper experts to provide and instal your intercom system because security is a crucial concern for commercial security. The finest individuals to advise you on the intercom system that will work best for your needs is Fore Security Solutions, with years of expertise in commercial security and automated intercom system maintenance.


We provide and set up intercom systems for businesses across London and the surrounding region. Our AV Installers will give you the finest guidance and dependable assistance from the initial site study through installation completion. We are the company you can trust.


Working with reputable manufacturers like Commend and BPT, we can implement various user-friendly intercom systems, from a single call point to an enterprise-wide IP-based solution, utilising existing or new network infrastructures.


Any setting can install CAME BPT modular entry panels, including private residences, residential complexes, office buildings, industrial locations, and public places. They enable a robust, dependable, and user-friendly video entrance intercom that you can control via applications even from a distance with a smart lock system.


We'll work with you to comprehend your unique demands before recommending a solution that suits them and your spending limit.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's

Which is the best intercom system?

The unique demands and specifications of the enterprise determine the ideal intercom system. SIP intercoms, video intercoms, wireless intercoms, and access control intercoms are standard intercom systems. When selecting an intercom system, it's crucial to consider aspects like compatibility with current technology, scalability, interaction with other systems, sound quality, ease of use, dependability, maintenance and support, and cost. Before selecting a choice, it is essential to get advice from an expert or study several choices.


What are the types of intercom systems?

There are several types of intercom systems, including:

  • Wired intercoms

  • Wireless intercoms

  • Portable intercoms

  • Video intercoms

  • Access control intercoms

  • IP intercoms

  • Multi-tenant intercoms

Intercom systems are integrated with other technologies, such as audio, video, and access control systems.


Does the intercom work without the internet?

Depending on the intercom system type. The operation of some intercom systems, such as conventional wired intercoms, is not dependent upon the internet. However, many contemporary intercom systems, such as wireless and SIP intercoms, need an internet connection to operate and offer extra functions like remote communication and system integration. When selecting an intercom system, it's crucial to consider the company's particular demands and specifications, including whether or not internet access is required.


Do offices still use intercoms?

Yes, intercoms are still used in some offices. Businesses use intercoms in the UK for interoffice communication, including announcements, calls between departments, and customer interactions at the front desk. They can offer rapid and effective communication that eliminates the need to physically travel to another office location.


Can I connect my intercom to my phone?

It depends on the intercom system you use. You may use your smartphone or tablet as an intercom by connecting some intercoms to it through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The manufacturer's requirements should be checked to see if this function is offered for your intercom system because not all intercoms have it.


Is the intercom wired or wireless? 

Intercoms come in a variety of forms. Users may generally divide them into two basic categories: wired and wireless. In wired systems, the outdoor unit is permanently connected to the interior device in each apartment or commercial space in the building. The gadgets are wirelessly linked to wireless systems.

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